Pickleball Camp: Learn From the Pros

March 2nd - 3rd

9:00am – 3:00pm

Join the PIKKL and Pints & Paddle teams for a “Learn from the Pros” Pickleball Camp!

This 2 day clinic offers over 10 hours of instruction from professional pickleball players and top instructors. For a $400 investment, you’ll gain valuable insights and refine your skills.

Designed for intermediate to advanced players, the camp focuses on key aspects of the game:

Special Attack Shots: Master the roll and flick to put your opponents on the defensive.
Defensive Techniques: Learn the reset volley and block to control the game and frustrate your opponents.
Essential Fundamentals: Sharpen your dink, drop shot, and volley skills for a solid foundation.
– And Much More: Expand your skillset with additional techniques covered by the experts.

The camp takes place at the professional indoor courts of Pints & Paddle in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Lunch is conveniently provided for all participants.

Your Professional Instructors

Hurricane Tyra Black

Hurricane Tyra Black came on the pickleball scene in March of 2023 after playing tennis since she was a child.  A close friend got her out on the pickleball court and would think about playing pickleball while she was still playing tennis!  She knew then that she needed to make a permanent switch.  

Tyra played for the Miami Pickleball Club in the second MLP season and is a MLP Premiere contracted player.  In her short time in pickleball she has:
– Beat the world #1 player in singles at PPA Takeya Showcase 2023
– Gold medal in singles at Delray Beach Open 2023
– Gold medal in doubles at Delray Beach Open 2023

David Dutrieuille

Pickleball Professional

Matt Haugdahl

Pints & Paddle Head Instructor

Ivy Tschetter

Pickleball Professional

Jennifer Tavernier

Pickleball Professional

Pickleball Camp: Learn from the Pros

Join us March 2nd - 3rd our "Learn from the Pros" Pickleball Camp. Taught in partnership with PIKKL, students will receive 10 hours of instructions from top professionals. Our teaching staff includes Hurricane Tyra Black, a current MLP player who won multiple gold medals in 2023, as well as David Dutrieuille, Matt Haugdahl, Ivy Tschetter and Jennifer Tavernier.