Open Play

Open play sessions are a great way to meet new people, improve skills, and have fun playing pickleball in a social and relaxed atmosphere. During open play, players rotate in and out of games with players of similar skill level.

  • 1. During All-Level Open Play with multiple courts, consider separating by skill level for a more balanced game. Lower courts (e.g., 1-3) are ideal for beginners/lower-intermediate players, while higher courts (e.g., 7-9) suit intermediate/advanced players.
  • 2. We provide Franklin X-40 balls for Open Play. Please return them to the front desk after use. Lost balls are a significant issue. Please check courts for used balls and return them. Broken balls will be replaced.
  • 3. Join the waitlist if you wish to play if another individual drops out and be aware you will be potentially added. Be sure to remove yourself if your plans change.
  • 4. Players on the waitlist at the start of Open Play won’t be able to join unless a spot opens up.
  • 5. Open play uses designated courts. If extra courts are available, the front desk will decide if they can be opened. Please ask before using an unoccupied court.
  • 6. All games must conclude by the designated end time of the Open Play session. Please be mindful of the time and avoid starting new games within the last few minutes.
  • 7. Only registered players can participate in Open Play. Joining games without registering creates longer wait times and frustration for registered players. Please be respectful of other players’ playing time.
  • 8. Open Play is designed to meet new people and play with different partners. If you prefer playing only with friends, please rent a private court.