Skill Levels

1.0 – 2.0
Individuals who are new to pickleball and don’t have any prior athletic experience.
The player who may be inexperienced but can sustain a short rally.
Someone who understands the fundamentals and knows how to position themselves on the court.
An individual who can differentiate between a soft and a hard game. The individual moves quickly into the non-volley zone. The individual understands when stacking might be advantageous.
The ability to recognize and exploit an opponent’s weaknesses. It is possible for them to move as a team because they know where their partners are on the court.
Player with good footwork and a good understanding of strategy. Easily communicates with their partner and moves well together.
An expert at picking up pickleball strategies. It is easy for these players to adapt their game to an opponent’s strengths and weaknesses because they have efficient footwork. Unforced errors are rare for them.
A pickleball player with mastery of the sport. A player of the highest caliber.

Summer Bags League Registration

Summer Bags League Registration is NOW OPEN. We have two sessions, Monday (Social) and Tuesday (Competitive), both starting at 6:15pm. Leagues start the week June 24th.