Jennifer Tavernier

Pickleball Professional

Jennifer Tavernier has been playing on the professional pickleball tour since 2020. She’s one of the most experienced professionals in the state and has traveled the country playing the top pros in the sport, reaching her highest ranking of 36th in the country. Jennifer grew up in Minnesota and played tennis in college at Bethel University. Her background includes personal training, group fitness instruction, owning multiple fitness businesses, and competing on American Ninja Warrior for 4 years (including winning Season 1 of Team Ninja Warrior). Recently she also competed on the first Pickleball Reality TV show which will be airing later this year. (On Lifetime 16.) She loves pizza, bacon and onions. Together or separately. And bourbon.

Pickle with Purpose - A Few Spots Remain

Our spring pickleball tournament, Pickle with Purpose is only a few weeks away. Most divisions are filled, but there are a few spots left. Sign up NOW to be a part of this great event.