Matt Haugdahl

Pickleball Manager

Matt Haugdahl first picked up a pickleball paddle in 2020, started playing competitively in 2022, and never looked back! Matt plays professionally across the US, mainly on the PPA tour, and is currently sponsored by Selkirk Pickleball. His background includes playing both ping pong and tennis for many years so the transition to pickleball was effortless. He was the head coach for the EVAA summer tennis program for 2 years and that coaching experience translated to pickleball by learning how to adapt to each individual’s needs and skills.

His coaching style is a blend of listening to what the player specifically wants to improve on and learning throughout lessons what the player’s weaknesses are so those can be refined. His favorite thing about coaching is meeting new people and seeing them grow and improve! He is notorious for his love of donuts, cookies, and sweets in general. Especially donuts.

Pickle with Purpose - A Few Spots Remain

Our spring pickleball tournament, Pickle with Purpose is only a few weeks away. Most divisions are filled, but there are a few spots left. Sign up NOW to be a part of this great event.